Gourmet Gifts

It’s all about the food with Italy at Home and NonnaCookies: eating well, living well and giving well.


We love Italian food! Who doesn’t? Our goal is to share that passion with everyone who receives a gourmet gift from Italy at Home.


We specialize in sweet and savoury arrangements brimming with artisanal and specialty foods from all over Italy. From the divine chocolate-makers and bakers of Torino, to the legendary pasta makers from north and south, to the sun-drenched vegetables and extra-virgin olive oil of Puglia, wood-roasted espresso from Rome and the sweet, rich figs and spicy flavours of Calabria, we seek out small-batch producers who share our commitment to quality, flavour and integrity.


Impeccably wrapped, our gourmet gifts are always appropriate and always appreciated.

We give only the freshest and finest quality food to our own friends and family, and we take pride in offering the very same to each and every person who receives a gourmet gift arrangement from us.


Due to the seasonal nature of some of our products, selections change throughout the year. Substitutions may occur. We promise they will always be the same highest standards of quality and taste.