NonnaCookies are our own exclusive brand of Italian sweets and biscotti for everyday and for every occasion.

We grew up in the kitchen by our mother's sides and now with a life-long love of baking, we create NonnaCookies from old-world, family recipes using fresh, whole ingredients and a whole lotta love, just like nonna.

Our mission is to bring the wholesomeness, quality and tradition of homemade Italian cookies to your table, your office and your family events.

Our selection of NonnaCookies currently includes: Crunchy Hazelnut & Almond Biscotti, Lemon Cantucci, Triple Chocolate Biscotti, and Spicy Rum-glazed Cookies. All our baked goodies are made entirely from scratch by our talented baking team. We offer a variety of packaging options for gifting to your business associates, friends, family and foodies in your life.

We guarantee that our NonnaCookies are lovingly prepared using only the finest and freshest ingredients. No additives, no preservatives or food dyes. Our sweets deliver old-world goodness in every bite. We promise.